Proofreading process cannot be terminated

Ever since becoming a professional proofreader, I read everything I see with a critical eye.

If I receive documents in my non-proofreading job, I try to find errors. The same goes for emails, flyers that come through the door, takeaway and restaurant menus, letters from my utility providers, shop signage (one of my favourites), my daughter’s party invites, Facebook updates, news articles, school newsletters, updates from the headmistress (on a par with shop signage for enjoyment), instruction manuals, product packaging, pub blackboards, the list goes on.

While in the main I enjoy it, it’s also a hindrance. It’s not something I can just switch off.

Wherever English is written, I will try to pull it apart. For that is my job.

Posted by Dan, 1 June, 2014 under Life


  • I have the same attitude and passion for correction of any material that I come across. Mr Dan I would like to work with you.h

    Posted by sathyanarayana, 6 July, 2014, 2:40pm

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