Our biggest undertaking to date

At the end of August, our biggest client informed us that there were two big pieces of proofreading work coming up. One would land early- to mid-September; the other would be more towards the end of September. Together, the two projects were estimated to total 119,000 words.

On 17 September, we received the first document for review. It arrived later than we’d hoped, but we’re here to manage such things. Delays to one of the pieces meant that there would be far more overlap between the two pieces of work than I had hoped for. This created resource contention and meant that I needed to bring additional resource onto the projects.

The documents kept coming. In the end, the smaller of the two pieces of work exceeded the total word estimated count for the pair of bids: a whopping 130,000. But the other piece was larger still, 319,000 words spread across 14 separate documents. The task was 277% bigger than the one we’d envisaged!

To put that into context, that’s like proofreading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. All three books. Cover to cover. (Although the content was very different. Arguably more enjoyable. *ducks*) My personal contribution was 162,000 words, a smidgen short of the Fellowship of the Ring word count.

From the first document landing to the last deliverable being sent back to the client, 22 days elapsed. In those 22 days, four of us worked rather unsociable hours to get the job done. Between us, we made 53,236 changes across 23 documents.

The client appears to be delighted with our work, likening our skills to those of a “delicate butcher”.

And I am delighted that, once again, we rose to the challenge.

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