The change from read to red, with associated changes

Yesterday my friend Paul suggested evolving the English language to change the perfect tense of the verb “read” to “red”. This change has been endorsed by the Brit. Eng. language committee, and will come into effect, incorporated with the necessary and associated changes below, on 1 July 2012.

  • Red: Despite possible confusion with the colour, the perfect tense of read will change to “red”. This brings it in line with the verb lead/led. “I am not going to read that book because I have red it already.”
  • Insted: To avoid people mispronouncing words ending in “ead” that rhyme with “red”, the “a” will be removed. These include, but are not limited to, insted (instead), sted (stead), ded (dead), hed (head), led (lead, as in the metal; leads for dogs will remain unchanged), bred (bread), tred (tread).
  • Mead and bead will remain unaffected by the change.
  • To avoid confusion, present-tense verbs containing “ed” will be changed to incorporate an “a”, their pronunciation changing accordingly. People will wead, but will have wed, and people will attend weadings. And the slang term for “bedding someone” will become “beading”.

Full details of the change can be red by writing to the Hed of the British English society, or insted on their website.

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